Adding value

Adding value to research work

IRDL is leading a dynamic action to add value to its research work in the socio-economic sectors of the sea, transport, energy, and the environment where societal expectations are very high. This enhancement of its knowledge and know-how is part of a regional and national strategy of innovation oriented towards very small companies, small and medium-sized companies and large groups of companies.

Building a project

Different types of contracts are made available to our partners:

  •  service contracts,
  •  research collaboration,
  •  expertise contracts,
  •  CIFRE contracts,
  •  PhD contracts.

Our technological platforms

IRDL has technological platforms in the field of:


The technical platform composiTIC is specialised in the use of innovative composites via the design of materials and automated processes related to robotic technology of fibre placement and 3D printing.

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Facilitates LBMS MASMECA technological and technical transfers to companies, satisfies their experimentation needs and contributes to possible innovations, develops partnerships between the laboratory and the socio-economic and industrial fabric.

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The technological platform « PRODIABIO PROcédés – DIAgnostic environnemental – BIOressources » meets the R&D and innovation needs of companies in the agro-food bio-processes, biotechnology industry, environment, chemicals, pharmacy, and cosmetology sectors…

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Carnot Institutes

Carnot certification is attributed to state research structures, Carnot institutes, which carry out upstream research activities simultaneously, designed to renew their scientific and technological skills, and have a voluntary policy in relation to the search for research partnerships for the benefit of the socio-economic world. IRDL is associated with two Carnot institutes:

  • AgriFood Transition : R&D in sustainable food, for the health of man and his environment
  • ARTS : Research Action for Technology and Society

Our facilities

IRDL is university research area, capable of supporting scientific and technological innovation thanks to its resources for the testing and measurement of materials and structures which are at the forefront in France and on the international stage.

The implementation of tools for the dimensioning of structures plays a central role in IRDL’s strategy. These testing, measurement and observation resources cover a wide range of scales from micro-structures to mini-structures. Our test and simulation resources are grouped together by generic themes which form platforms. These platforms are managed by one or several members of the Institute responsible for the monitoring, development and maintenance of all the equipment that it is made up of. In particular, they organise and establish the occupancy timetable of the equipment on the platform that they are responsible for.

These test, measurement and simulation resources are grouped together on four platforms:


PL1 :
characterisation and observation at the nano and microscopic scales,

PL2 :
characterisation at the macroscopic scale,

PL3 :
pilot development, prototyping and design,

PL4 :
software and scientific calculation resources.