Mechanical systems
in marine environments


The referent laboratory for mechanical systems in Europe related to the engineering of materials and systems used in industrial sectors related to the automobile, energy, aeronautics, health and transport industries and more specifically to all fields with a dynamic interaction with the marine environment, such as shipbuilding and offshore construction and marine energies.

Research Institute

5 Research hubs

IRDL has a very broad range of scientific and technical knowledge and expertise. However, it has decided to divide it into five « Research hubs » the scope of which is based on scientific coherence and efficacy. Obviously the boundaries between these five hubs are not strictly delimited. A significant number of projects will require high levels of interaction between researchers from the different hubs.

Composites, Nanocomposites, Biocomposites

The research activities are focused on highlighting and characterising polymer, fibrillar or mineral meso-structures with dynamic structuring.


Multi-material assemblies

The research activities relate to the development, characterisation and modelling of techniques for assembling materials of different kinds.


Structures, fluids and interactions

The research work is by nature multidisciplinary and combines theoretical, digital and experimental studies of the behaviour of materials.


Energy systems and thermal processes

Characterisation and digital modelling of multi-physical problems at different scales: materials, processes and systems, pilot and instrumentation design, etc.


Material behaviour and durability

The research work concerns diagnostics, measurement, modelling and prediction of the health of materials, structures and electromechanical systems.


Many mechanisms exist to develop partnerships.
From a simple exchange to a research contract, the socio-economic and industrial sectors
can benefit from IRDL’s know-how.