RH5 | Material behaviour and durability

RESEARCH HUB 5 | Material behaviour and durability

Manager: Sylvain CALLOCH – Manager deputy: Noël CHALLAMEL

The research work concerns diagnostics, measurement, modelling and prediction of the health of materials, structures and electromechanical systems. Concerning the durability of the materials and structures, the main skills and expertise are at the level of the development of multi-scale approaches with a high mechanical content coupling the original aspects from a theoretical, experimental and digital point of view. One of our special features is our capacity to validate our approaches by means of large-scale test-calculation comparisons, i.e. that of the structure.

Concerning electromechanical systems, the work relates essentially to preventive fault detection (diagnostics) and the development of control strategies in degraded mode, in the presence of defective actuators or sensors.

The aim of our research work, performed generally in the framework of close collaborations with the socioeconomic world, is to supply tools with well identified areas of validity that can be used by our industrial partners.

Research areas

  •  Non-linear behaviour of heterogeneous materials
  •  Fatigue and durability of materials and structures