EXPRESSo collaborative project

The EXPRESSo collaborative project (EXcellence en PoweR modulE in Sablé sur Sarthe, 2017-2021), funded by BPI France, brings together 7 partners: 4 manufacturers with Valeo (leader), Axon’mechatronics (located in Quimper), PROTAVIC and Qualtera and 3 academic partners, IMT Paris and LPPI, from Cergy Pontoise University and IRDL.

In the automotive field, the electrification of vehicles is becoming increasingly important and power electronics control the electrical components as well as the direct current / alternating current conversion. The power module is a key electronic component of electrification, with high added value, located in the inverter and with a size of approximately 150 x 50 mm2. This module is made up of chips soldered or fixed in a removable manner on a copper alloy support (or « Leadframe »). The general framework of the EXPRESSo project is the development of innovative and robust technology to manufacture power modules. IRDL’s contribution relates in particular to the virtual mechanical design of a new Leadframe, taking into account the thermal stresses in service and the adhesion properties with the encapsulation resin as well as the development of an approach Eco-production of the Leadframe.

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