ANR Industrial Chair « Self-Heating »

Predict the endurance of materials by measuring the thermal signature

Strategic and scientific challenges

The ANR « SELF-HEATING » industrial chair aims to predict in-service behavior and to be able to size as best as possible by using the materials and assemblies most suited to each context and to each part of the architecture of air or naval systems.

The method, breaking with current practices, is based on the measurement and modeling of self-heating. The temperature measurements of a material under precise experimental conditions make it possible to predict points of weakness. The modeling of these measurements will make it possible to delay or even avoid damage from the design of a ship, a submarine or an airplane.

This technique offers several advantages to companies in high-tech industries: speed of characterization and prediction of material properties, fineness of information, specific experimental methods that are more economical in materials and budgets linked to characterization tests that are 10 times lower.

First industrial chair of its kind in Brittany

The “Self Heating” industrial chair was selected by the National Research Agency (ANR) as part of the 2020 industrial chairs. It will be managed by the IRDL team at ENSTA Bretagne with Naval Group and Safran, and involving the institute P ‘. The research budget amounts to 2.05 million euros for 4 years and makes it possible to constitute a dedicated team (8 theses and 4 post-docs) and to acquire additional testing resources.

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