Off earth Manufacturing and building project

IRDL selected for the ESA (European Space Agency) « Off earth Manufacturing and building » call for projects.

Use of In-Situ resources – ESA image


During long space missions, the astronauts need infrastructures to live, work, move around and communicate with the Earth.  Taking all these infrastructures up to space from the Earth is very costly so ESA Discovery & Preparation are studying the possibility of using in-situ resources.


For future lunar stations, ESA has chosen IRDL’s proposal devoted to heliotropic adaptive structures by 4D printing. The aim is to create solar tracking systems based on the operation of sunflowers from composite materials developed by 4D printing.


Lasting 3 years, this project brings together ESA (European Space Agency), IRDL, IRT Sainte Exupery, Bristol Composite Institute and PIMM CNAM.

Contacts:  Antoine Le Duigou and Mickael Castro

To find out more ESA’s « Off earth Manufacturing and building » page