28 -30 / 09 /22 The 2022 International Symposium on Polymer Nanocomposites (ISPN2022)

The 2022 International Symposium on Polymer Nanocomposites (ISPN2022) is organized by the French scientific network GDR PolyNano 2 and the IRDL institute (Institut de Recherche Dupuy de Lôme), and under the hospices of GFP. The conference will be held in Lorient, a thrilling town located on the South coast of Brittany, France. Given its location and history, Lorient displays a rich maritime heritage, where naval industry, science and technology have been living in harmony since 1666. Lorient is well-known for its composite materials ecosystem and its European center devoted to sailing and ocean racing. It was also the starting point of the silk maritime road. The event will take place at Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly.  28-30th, September 2022


The symposium will bring together scientists on polymer nanocomposites. The objective is to create an international forum for academic scientists and industrial researchers, PhD students, post-doctorate fellows from all over the world to discuss the latest results, progress and remaining challenges related to Polymer Nanocomposites. This will help set up a multidisciplinary multi-scale approach to advance the understanding and modeling of nano-reinforced polymers. Different communities studying these materials (chemists, physical chemists, physicists, process specialists, mechanicians, both on the experimental and modeling sides) will have the chance to discuss the following scientific topics

Scientific exchanges around the various themes will be introduced and facilitated by keynote presentations followed by other talks and poster sessions. You are welcome to visit the website of the symposium (https://ispn2022.sciencesconf.org) and submit your papers. You will also find all the information related to your participation (registration, accommodation, travel arrangements, sightseeing etc.).

The symposium will also have a space for companies or institutions to present their products, services, innovations, and research results either as sponsors or exhibitors. If you or your company are interested in participating in this event, please contact us at ispn2022@sciencesconf.org.

The ISPN2022 Best Poster Award is offered by the Journal of Composites Science by MDPI

Scientific topics

The scientific topics of the ISPN22 symposium will concern (not exclusive):

  • New nanocomposites components (synthesis, treatment and functionalization of nanofillers; emerging, bio-based components, sustainable polymers),
  • Processing for microstructure control and optimization, additive manufacturing,
  • Multiscale characterization of morphologies/microstructures, physical and chemical properties of nanocomposite interfaces/interphases,
  • Structure-properties relationships (mechanical, conductivity, dielectric, barrier, fire…), nano effects
  • Advanced (multi)functionality for smart materials (electromagnetic shielding, piezoelectricity, energy harvesting and storage, sensors …),
  • Modeling (constitutive multiphysic laws, multiscale, machine/deep learning…).


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